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This is my second order. My dentist says the brushes are as good as my old plastic ones. But the best surprise is the feel of the brush in my mouth - much nicer than plastic. Glad I made the switch!

Craig S.

I've tried several brands of bamboo toothbrush and BAMWOO are the only ones that have longevity - where the bristles don't fall out.

Caroline McGuinness-Brooks

This is an excellent product. The brushes are well designed and work amazingly well. I didn’t know what to expect but they easily exceed my expectations. I will never go back to plastic. Thoroughly pleased.

Robert M.

We make eco-friendly versions of the products you use every day, with a genuine focus on environmental and social sustainability


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BAMWOO Has Planted 46,930 Trees | One Brush = One Tree Mission

BAMWOO Has Planted 46,930 Trees | One Brush = One Tree Mission

Thanks to your support, we've been able to plant 46,390 trees and pay for 469 days of employment for local planting teams! Come and see the difference this makes in Madagascar
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Are Bamboo Toothbrushes Really Sustainable? Questions and Answers

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BAMWOO Has Planted 37,950 Trees | One Brush = One Tree Mission

BAMWOO Has Planted 37,950 Trees | One Brush = One Tree Mission

As always since the first days of BAMWOO, we plant one tree for every toothbrush we sell - this is our One Brush = One Tree mission. We're delighted to announce that we've now planted 37,950 trees around the world!
BAMWOO's Bamboo Toothbrushes Featured in VOGUE Magazine!

BAMWOO's Bamboo Toothbrushes Featured in VOGUE Magazine!

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How To: Care For A Bamboo Toothbrush Properly

How To: Care For A Bamboo Toothbrush Properly

Bamboo toothbrushes are made of biodegradable and natural materials, but they don't need any special treatment. Follow these tips to keep your bamboo toothbrush clean and in good condition, and it will last just as long as a plastic toothbrush!

The 1 brush = 1 tree mission

We've partnered with The Eden Projects to plant trees in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Haiti and Nepal. By working with local villagers we're restoring healthy forests AND lifting people out of extreme poverty.

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Why should you use a bamboo toothbrush?

The problem with plastic toothbrushes

Wondering why should you switch to using a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush?

Every year BILLIONS of plastic toothbrushes are thrown away - in the US alone approximately 23 MILLION KG of plastic toothbrushes are dumped in landfill annually, where they sit around for about 1000 years before finally breaking down. And that's not counting those that wind up in rivers or the oceans, choking our beautiful planet, nor the effects of drilling and refining oil to produce them in the first place!

This environmetal damage is entirely preventable! The bamboo handles of our toothbrushes are completely biodegradable, and they clean your teeth just as effectively. Moreover, they take far less resources to produce, feel great in your mouth, and look really stylish in any bathroom. There just really is no good reason to use plastic toothbrushes any more!

Holding a bamboo toothbrush in Glen Coe, Scotland
Using a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush

Is bamboo a good material for a toothbrush?

Bamboo really is the perfect sustainable material to make toothbrushes from!

To start with, it's a grass, and one of the fastest growing plants on the planet - so it's not going to run out any time soon. It also grows really well on steeply sloping land unsuitable for most crops, is very hardy and doesn't need fertilisers or irrigation, and absorbs a huge amount of carbon dioxide which it turns to oxygen.

We use a species called mosu bamboo. In a toothbrush, it is naturally antibacterial so it doesn't go mouldy even when used in water twice a day, and is nice and smooth so it's comfortable in the mouth. Oh, and pandas don't eat mosu bamboo, so we're still on good terms with our monochromatic friends!

How long does a bamboo toothbrush last - and how long to biodegrade?

Bamboo will break down entirely in time, but it's a robust and rot-resistant material (which is why it's so great to make toothbrushes from). We've tested them for over 6 months of twice daily use, but we recommend you follow dentist advice and switch to a new brush every 2-3 months.

How long a brush takes to biodegrade depends on where you dispose of it and the conditions there - whether it's in or on the soil, and how warm, wet, cold or dry it is.

Generally a bamboo toothbrush will biodegrade within a few weeks in an industrial composter, but can take up to 5-10 years if you just throw it in your garden. We recommend you dispose of them in your normal bio-waste bin for collection (they get taken to a composter), but if they do end up in landfill they break down MUCH faster than plastic alternatives.

BAMWOO bamboo toothbrushes in a bathroom in bali

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