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A size 5 - 0.8mm pack of BAMWOO bamboo interdental brushes

Bamboo Interdental Brushes (8 Pack)

BAMWOO bamboo

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Switch to an eco-friendly bamboo interdental brush to keep the planet as clean as between your teeth

Made from biodegradable and sustainable bamboo plus BPA-free bristles, our interdental brushes are designed to be a more eco-friendly way to clean between your teeth. Each pack contains 8 bamboo interdental brushes, for healthy gums and a healthy planet.

The smooth natural bamboo handle is lightweight, naturally antibacterial, and easy to grip while reaching into those gaps between teeth - but best of all it's 100% biodegradable for guilt-free oral hygiene.

High quality bristles available in 5 different sizes gently slide between teeth to safely capture and clean out anything caught in the gaps or below the gum line, so you can show off your pearly whites in complete confidence.

We also plant a tree for every pack of interdental brushes. Each tree can absorb over 20kg of CO2 a year, so if you buy a set today you are literally helping to make the world a better, cleaner and healthier place - that's definitely something worth smiling about!

Bamboo Interdental Brush Features:

  • 8 interdental toothbrushes in each pack
  • 5 sizes available: size 1 - 0.45mm, size 2 - 0.5mm, size 3 - 0.6mm, size 4 - 0.7mm, size 5 - 0.8mm
  • Naturally antibacterial and biodegradable bamboo handle
  • BPA-free nylon-6 bristles are industry standard for cleaning and oral hygiene
  • Vegan - no animal products
  • All packaging is recycled/recyclable - NO PLASTIC!
  • One tree planted for every pack purchased 
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