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BAMWOO Has Planted 46,930 Trees | One Brush = One Tree Mission

Coro-you-know-what has thrown so many spanners in so many plans, but we’re over the moon to be able to continue marching forwards on our One Brush = One Tree mission!

UPDATE: as of July 2023 we have planted 72,232 trees, which absorb an amazing 1.5 million kilograms of CO2 per year! Learn more HERE.

BAMWOO has planted 46,930 trees with their bamboo toothbrushes


With your help, we've now planted 46,930 new trees, providing a total of 469 days of paid planting employment through our partners at Eden Reforestation Projects.

That's the whole point of #onebrushonetree - it's one mission through which we can fight climate change, reforest degraded land, and support vulnerable communities all at the same time. And it really does make a difference!



Since we first started BAMWOO, our whole premise was not just to reduce needless single use plastic, but also to plant one tree for every bamboo toothbrush we sell. As we've grown we've extended that to include our range of ceramic toothbrush holders, bamboo interdental brushes, gift cards and sunglasses. However it's you, our wonderful customers, who really make this happen!

So thank you thank you thank you to all of you who continue to support us and help us make this magic happen! Next up: our goal of 50,000 trees planted by the end of 2020... Think we can make it?

The difference reforestation makes in Madagascar

Madagascar has been more adversely affected by deforestation than almost anywhere else on Earth, with huge swathes of the country totally devastated and crumbling or sinking into useless, unproductive mud and swamp.

Through reforestation, we can take muddy swamps like this:

Planting trees in mud swamps in Madagascar

Plant thousands of mangroves trees with fully paid and employed teams of local planters:

Planting mangrove propagules in Madagascar

Eden reforestation team planting mangrove trees in Madagascar

And reclaim the land by turning it back into productive mangrove forest - which is also the world's most CO2 absorbent eco-system:

Flourishing mangrove tree saplings in Madagascar

Once the trees are mature, the flourishing forest helps anchor the soil and provides a valuable nursery for young fish, turning the land back into a valuable and productive resource for local people:

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