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BAMWOO uses bamboo toothbrushes to plant 17,590 trees in 2018

Great news! Thanks to all our amazing customers (that's you, dear reader!) and our partners at Eden Reforestation Projects, we managed to plant a whopping 17,590 new trees in 2018! No, really - THANK YOU!!

Can a bamboo toothbrush really make the world better?

The answer is YES!

Women planting trees in Nepal

When we started out with BAMWOO our biggest goal was to make a positive impact on the world. Swapping plastic for bamboo and reducing plastic waste was obviously one goal, but we wanted to help actively reverse some of the damage we've all collectively done to our planet and climate.

After a lot of brainstorming, we settled on the idea of reforestation - planting one new tree for every toothbrush we sell. As trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen via photosynthesis, reforestation is one of the only viable actions we can take to really fight climate change, rather than just limiting the damage already done.

Additionally, trees and forests can prevent physical damage to land by protecting against flooding and topsoil erosion. The benefits of reforestation are manyfold - you can learn more about them and our #onebrushonetree mission HERE.

In 2018 we set a target of planting 15,000 new trees. We're so proud to have smashed this, planting 17,590 new trees and providing 176 full days of reforestation work employment for local people. Not bad for a small bamboo toothbrush brand from the UK!

How and where do BAMWOO plant new trees?

We've partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant new trees in Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal, Haiti and Mozambique, employing local people to carry out the reforestation work in degraded areas.

In this way, reforestation also becomes a vehicle to improve lives and lift vulnerable people and communities out of poverty, while additionally providing valuable resources to safeguard their future.

The result of reforestation in Madagascar

In many of the plantation sites, deforestation (often due to use of timber for construction) negatively impacted things like fishing grounds and agriculture, directly threatening locals' livelihoods. Planting new trees provides employment now, education as to how to best manage forests as a resource, and renewed natural resources for the future.

We're particularly proud of the new mangrove plantations at Biawak Island in Indonesia. Mangrove forests are the most carbon absorbent natural resource in the world, but over 40% of them have been cut down in just the past 60 years. These forests act as crucial coastal buffers in the event of natural disasters like tsunamis, and in light of the high tsunami activity off Indonesia's myriad coastlines last summer it feels great to contribute to their regeneration.

BAMWOO's 1 Brush = 1 Tree reforestation goals 2019

We're big believers in setting ambitious targets. 

That's why we're aiming to double up this year, and plant 36,000 new trees in 2019.

That's a BIG ask though, and we'll need your help to do it! So spread the word, share a social media post, persuade your friends to cut down on their plastic use, give eco-friendly presents for family birthdays - in the end we'll all benefit from a cleaner and healthier planet. THANK YOU!

We're so proud and happy to be able to say that we've planted 9299 trees so far this year! 🙌 Do you think we can get it up to 15000 🌲🌳🌴 by the end of the year? Thanks to all of you who have helped us on our #onebrushonetree mission so far, and also our fantastic partners at @edenprojects 🙏

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