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360° Video Walk Through a Reforestation Site in Laxmisthan, Nepal

This autumn we had the huge pleasure of visiting one of the sites were are helping Eden Reforestation Projects to reforest in Laxmisthan, Nepal, and to meet the incredibly warm and welcoming local community who live there.

Laxmisthan is in the Jhapa region of Nepal, at the eastern end of the country and close to the borders with India, Bangladesh and Bhutan. On the flatlands and floodplains at the feet of the Himalaya, the area used to be covered with dense jungle before deforestation took its toll - principally due to requirements for timber and firewood.

See reforestation project in Nepal

300,000 new trees have now been planted at the site. Watch the video below to experience a 360° view walk through, first past the 3 year old saplings and into the 4 year old trees - already a well-established forest due to the lush tropical conditions turbocharging growth:

Trees being planted in Nepal include: teak, sisal, acacia, chekrasi and kadam.

The local people living around the reforestation made us incredibly welcome during our visit, always smiling, and eager to show us around and practise their English!  

Meeting the local community at a reforestation site in Jhapa, Nepal

Stay tuned for a full report on the plantation, and the benefits the reforestation has brought to the community, coming soon!

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